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• Jeff Daniel's Jeep Customizing has designed and manufactures the components necessary to swap a 4BT Cummins Diesel engine into your truck or SUV. The mounts are designed to fit any frame that measures 23.5" - 32.5" on the inside of the rails.

• In order to properly convert your vehicle we will need to know a few things about your 4BT and about your truck. Please be sure and fill out the questionnaire and follow the instructions on the last page.

• The swap will yield you better fuel economy, better torque for off-road and towing, and a longer life for the truck.

• We use 4BT and 6BT Cummins engines for our swaps and recommend a manual transmission or an automatic originally from a diesel vehicle. 3.07 gears with 33" tires will get you the best fuel economy.

• Your truck may need a lift kit in order to fit the 4BT inside the engine compartment.

• This swap will take about 80-100 hours to complete.

• Basic mechanical ability as well as basic shop tools are required.

• If you cannot locate an engine and or trans, contact Jeff Daniel's and we will be glad to help.

• The parts listed on the following pages are sold a-la-cart since there are a lot of variations.

• Certain components are only needed on certain vehicles.

• Check with your State's Department of Transportation on how to re-register your vehicle as a diesel. This is required by states with inspection/emission laws. One way to do this is to apply for a reconstructed title

• We are constantly improving or products and welcome all feedback.

• Make sure you do you research before tackling this project, there are a lot of variations of the engines and transmissions, mistakes can be very costly!

• Check out for an endless supply of information